Monday, February 5, 2007

My lips are sealed

I read this early this morning and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I've been feeling like I've been keeping a lot of secrets lately and what better way to share them without actually giving them all away? I've actually written my own list before, but felt it sort of lost something when people started guessing which sentence (confession? admission?) was about them and I told them. So I've decided to try again. New thoughts, new people and this time my lips are sealed.

We actually stole it more than once.

It would be easier if I loved you, but I don't. So stop trying to make me.

It would be easier if I didn't love you, but I do.

You are not allergic, you just don't like it. There is a difference.

An ultimatum will not work, it shocks me that you think it would.

I wish you wouldn't do things that make it impossible for me to like you.

I think of that talk everyday single day.

You tell me too much.

I avoid you because I know I keep letting you down.

Sometimes I wish you would just let me down- it would level the playing field.

I don't get you anymore and it makes me sad.

You are the funniest, weirdest and most original person ever and I'm completely jealous of your brain.

I wish I knew how to be closer to you.

You keep pronouncing it wrong and I don't know how to correct you without looking like a jerk.


eileen said...

I love it. I fucking love it. I am going to do the same thing on my blog. It's kind of taunting, but I think we all need to be taunted, occasionally, to be reminded of what we've done.

aRbit said...

Hmmm...all those emails in my "drafts" folder - maybe it's time they saw the light of day too...(whenever I get my courage up that is)

brandy said...

Eileen, I read yours and I'm jealous. You are genius.

aRbit said...

Hey I'm linking to you on my blog - that ok?
Oh and btw - let me know if you ever find that "perfect pair of tall girl shoes"

eileen said...

no, you are.

Kate said...

Hmm. This seems like a dangerous little game. Brave and cool, but dangerous.

brandy said...

Kate, it's funny that you say that. I always start the list thinking it's a good idea but it (inevitably) gets uncomfortable when people start asking. Plus, it is dangerous... it really makes you start thinking of everything you don't say. And i'm learning, sometimes it's better to not say anything...